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2 - 17 October 2015


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The Films of William Haggar

- The Films of William Haggar

Date: Friday 28th September

Time: 2pm

Location: The Duchy Barn

Event Duration: 1 hour

Price: £3.50

A collection of films by Dedham's own filmmaker William Haggar, with an introduction and explanatory narrative.

Haggar was born in Dedham, Essex in 1851 where he was apprenticed as a shipbuilder and later a watchmaker. An accomplished musician, Haggar left home at the age of eighteen and joined a troupe of travelling players, working as a stage carpenter before pursuing his dream of making films. Haggar was a British pioneer of the cinema industry and began making his own short fictional films in1902, making him one of the earliest directors in Britain. His films were shown world wide and his short film 'Desperate Poaching Affray' is believed to have influenced early narrative drama in American film, especially in chase genre. As a director Haggar is recognised for his use of editing and the depth of staging in his melodramas and crime films.

The films will be shown using a restored 1912 35mm motion picture film projector from the Cinema at Southwold, Suffolk. The films are on loan from the British Film Institute.

Refreshments will be available before the performance.